This was a big step up from whiteboards and spreadsheets.
— Sandsky Developments

Manage Your Product.

  • Define your product ranges, classes, and house types.
  • Manage house facades, series, and product siting.
  • Profile your product with unlimited attributes such as bedrooms, bathrooms, car accommodation ,etc.
  • Centralise your product information to know what you sell, and what you build.

Price Lists & Variation Price Books.

  • Manage and distribute your product price lists.
  • Comprehensive variation price book management allows you to maintain your entire product catalogue.
  • Define sections, items, standardised wording, add images, and more.
  • Present content as notes, single items, or complex tables of multiple items/options.
  • Apply validity to control the items that can be used by each company division, and can be applied to which house types.
  • Maintain a full revision history of variation price book versions over time.
  • Know what version a customer’s tender/contract is from, and know that a variation request will automatically get the latest pricing.

Lists, Lists, & More Lists.

  • Easily maintain and distribute displayed options lists, inclusions lists, and upgrade/options lists.
  • Create brochures, flyers, promotions and other marketing materials.
  • All materials are linked to real pricing, and are updated immediately when prices change.
  • Centralise your management and production of these materials from a single source of truth.

Template Magic.

  • Create and categorise unlimited templates to streamline your documentation processes.
  • Manage templates for complete homes, house and land packages, or simply the standard structure of tender, contract, and variation documents.
  • Build mini-templates for the components of a home or process that can be combined in unlimited combinations.
  • Control estate requirements, developer requirements, site costs/connections, and much more.
  • The applications for sales estimation templates to streamline your processes are endless.

Produce Your Important Documents.

  • Exceed expectations by providing fast and accurate price guidance at all times.
  • Quickly produce quote, tender, post contract variation, and building variation documents.
  • A full revision history of all documents is available in case the customer changes their mind, or there is a need to revisit where a change was made.
  • Accelerate your tender, contract, and variation processes to secure the sale and impress your customer.
  • Final variation lists, end panels, and master sales estimate processes ensure you’re across all of your important documentation

Monitor Margin, Stay Profitable.

  • Accurately record the cost price of your product, variations, and everything you sell.
  • Determine sell pricing with formulas, variables, and integration tools that work from real purchasing costs.
  • Protect your margin, pass on increases, or simply monitor cost movement over time.
  • Job cards, internal margin reporting, and margin analysis are some of the standard tools to ensure you remain profitable.