At Porter Davis we pride ourselves on our customer service, and Framework has been essential in assisting our constant delivery of excellence in customer service.
— Porter Davis

Create Your Contracts.

  • Capture all important details about your building contracts.
  • Produce building contract documentation.
  • Know your contractual completion date, both original, and revised from variations and delays.
  • Make sure your contract starts and ends on time.
  • Always have a crystal clear view of the revenue position of your contracts.

Progress Claims.

  • Easily calculate your contract claims schedule.
  • Unlimited claim templates support a variety of construction/payment methods.
  • Claims are raised automatically from workflow events and onsite construction progress.
  • Produce professional invoices and statements.
  • Automatically email claims/invoices to customers.
  • Seamlessly integrate claim invoices to your accounting system.

Deposits & Payments.

  • Record customer deposits and payments.
  • Produce professional receipts.
  • Automatically email receipts to customers.
  • Seamlessly integrate payments from your accounting system.

Claim Your Delays.

  • Record contract-affecting delays as they occur.
  • Foreseeable delays in your contract are automatically considered before delays are claimed.
  • Quickly issue delay claims for an extension of time.
  • Monitor your contract progress to avoid liquidated damages.
  • Early-warning reporting helps prioritise jobs that are a liquidated damages risk.

Finance, Conditions, & Commissions.

  • Monitor your customer’s finance approval process.
  • Manage and follow up on any kind of contract condition.
  • Track commissions, marketing fees, rebates, referral fees, and more.
  • Manage contracts placed with selling agents, agencies, and marketing firms.