Framework has assisted our growth with quality information, reduced errors, transparency and improved management.
— Carlisle Homes

Living Colour.

  • Colour, style, finish, fittings, electrical, tiles, product selections. It's all here.
  • Capture anything and everything to achieve a complete specification of the job.
  • The selections are a living, breathing document detailing everything your customer requires.
  • Produce professional selections documentation for you and your customer.

Worth A Thousand Words.

  • Add photographs, images, and colour swatches to your selections process to show your customer what they are selecting.
  • Unlimited templates allow tailoring of the selections process, from pre-defined colour boards, to a completely custom selections experience.
  • The structured point-and-click process trains staff, minimises typing, and engages clients to ensure a great outcome.
  • A full revision history of any selections changes is automatically maintained.
  • Copy entire selections documents from other jobs to save time.

Colour Upgrades Made Easy.

  • Know and immediately inform the customer that a selection is an upgrade.
  • Price the upgrade while the selections are being done.
  • Get on-the-spot customer approval of selection upgrades.
  • More quickly produce a colour variation.

Give Your Purchase Orders Some Colour.

  • Eliminate the time consuming and error-prone typing of selections onto purchase orders.
  • Automatically update the purchase orders with more selections information than you could ever enter manually.
  • Easily share colour documentation with suppliers and tradespeople.

Know Your Product.

  • Dynamically control when a product or colour is or is not available for selection.
  • Quickly identify affected jobs when a product is discontinued.
  • Report on the popularity of selections over time.