There is no part of the business that doesn’t tie into Framework. We are yet to come across a business need that hasn’t been able to be delivered via. Framework.
— Eden Brae Homes

No More Whiteboards, Much Less Paper.

  • Achieve a centralised, single source of truth about your customers, jobs, and your workflow.
  • Define the job, what it is, and what you need to build it.
  • Structure and simplify the management of documents, files, and all job materials.
  • Bring all staff together, from sales to onsite, to collaborate and get the job done.

Make Your Work Flow.

  • Define your workflow with a combination of hundreds of industry standard workflow activities and the ability to add your own unique user-defined requirements.
  • Customise the display of events and job details across business department for a truly unique workflow management experience for your  team.
  • Make sure you complete every step, in order, and at the right time.
  • Analyse your workflow, automatically produce to-do lists, and manage by exception to spend your time only on the jobs and tasks that need it.
  • Have the entire team contribute, with everyone doing their part.
  • Let the system be your eyes and ears, on the ground, freeing you to manage the business.

Better Process Means Better Results.

  • Define your workflow to drive jobs through your preferred process.
  • Implement different processes for different types of product, sale, location, or customer.
  • Conditional workflow analysis provides the ultimate workflow control.
  • Comprehensive system security allows roles and responsibilities to be clearly defined.

Advanced Register Management.

  • Use dynamic spreadsheet-style registers to view and update multiple jobs at once.
  • Create living reports that update when jobs progress and where register changes flow back into the workflow.
  • Export job data for further analysis and reporting.
  • Realise complete oversight of the detail in your workflow.

Job Types, Hierarchies, & Propagation.

  • Comprehensively support sales and jobs of different types.
  • Build hierarchies for related jobs for simplified management and reporting.
  • Use propagation to automatically update child jobs from the information captured for their parent jobs.
  • Structure your jobs, team, and business for success.

The Lay Of The Land.


  • Comprehensive support for land-development jobs, including englobo land, estates, estate stages, and individual lots.
  • Manage land purchase and land sale contract processes.
  • Contract management includes finance, commissions, conditions, and workflow.
  • Create, estimate, and take to market your house-and-land packages.
  • Maintain a land register and stock list for land/package/job sales.
  • Implement and centrally monitor point-of-sale reservations for land and packages.