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What do Australian builders think about Framework?


We strive to provide the best software systems and support for residential builders. It is our goal to assist in the growth and long-term success of our clients. Here is just some of the feedback received from builders who have benefited from Framework…


Adenbrook Homes

“Framework is absolutely central to the management of our jobs. The system comprehensively tracks and manages the progress of tasks required to get us from start to finish including administration, document management, construction, and maintenance. The program is endlessly customisable to be able to meet the unique challenges of our business. And the first class support from insula enables us to implement strategic changes with a minimum of fuss.”


Avalon Property Group

“When we started our business it was crucial to have software that was industry supported so we could hit
ground running. The strong partnership with Framework has enabled us to grow our business without having to worry about the system keeping up. With our ever changing world the Framework Support Team are always on hand to assist with any issues, large or small. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Framework in the future.”


Carlisle Homes

“The first system we knew we needed to run our business effectively was Framework. It supports the industry with information that other systems just don’t offer. Framework has assisted our growth with quality information, reduced errors, transparency and improved management. The Framework support team is only ever a phone call away and turnaround time is exceptional.”


Eden Brae Homes

"Implementing Framework is like being handed the keys to a Ferrari. It’s all there for you and it’s up to you as to how fast you want to drive it. From the daily workflows that the administrators use, the tenders produced by the estimators, to the construction supervisors updating information in the field via their Tablet PCs. There is no part of the business that doesn’t tie into Framework. We are yet to come across a business need that hasn’t been able to be delivered via Framework. In a world of ‘data is king’ all information for key progress indicators, bin balances, forecasts, exceptions, turnaround times and activities are obtained from Framework reporting. It is so pleasant working within a program that is specifically designed so well for our industry with terms that are familiar because it is an Australian product designed for the industry and enhanced by feedback from the industry."


Henley Properties group

“Henley has been in partnership with Insula Software for more than 15 years, utilising Framework from its infancy to the current suite of modules. Framework provides Henley with the business tools and quality of information necessary to manage our workflow, deliver our high level of customer service, and the transparency necessary to manage our business. The Construction Logistics module has greatly improved our efficiency and level of communication. Framework, backed by the excellent level of support from Insula Software, is a vital part of our business.”


Masterton Homes

“In our experience with Insula Software and Framework we have found a partner that will help drive and support the Australian Building Industry through to the next evolution of efficient workflow and business practices. The software and the team have given us a unique tool to enhance and complement our current processes whilst still being flexible enough to adapt quickly to our business needs. I can highly recommend Framework to any building company.”


Porter Davis Homes

At Porter Davis we pride ourselves on our customer service, and Framework has been essential in assisting our constant delivery of excellence in customer service. We sincerely thank and support Insula Software for their assistance with the Framework product.”


Sandsky Developments

.. the company made the shift over to the Framework platform of software.  This was a big step up from whiteboards and spreadsheets.  The Insula staff made the transition seamless with detailed initial customisation, follow up dedicated support and staff training to allow us to get the most out of the product.  Over the years we extended our platform with numerous additional packages that have streamlined both internal and out in the field work practices.  New staff that come on board are always expressive of how easy the system is to use and what an improvement it is on anything they have been exposed to in their past employment.  I would like to congratulate the Insula team on creating a well thought out, extremely comprehensive product and for always being responsive to customer needs.


Simonds Homes

“Since implementing the Framework product suite across our organisation, Simonds Homes has seen a dramatic improvement in the performance of our business as a whole. It has facilitated growth by providing a platform for efficient client and product management and most importantly provided a tool for our staff to deliver excellent customer service. Exception reporting has provided staff/client transparency and has enabled us to prioritise and focus our efforts to those areas that are most critical; we have seen a reduction in data entry errors via the implementation of business rules; while the Variation Price Book has enabled us to provide a timely and accurate Point of Sale quote to our potential customers. Overall, Framework is a very good software solution for almost any size builder and support from Insula Software has been excellent.”


Urbanedge Homes

“Urbanedge Homes has benefited greatly since the implementation of Framework. The product has been a perfect solution to our growing business; providing a stable foundation for all aspects of our building process. The system's ability to provide us with the necessary tools to maintain client management and transparency across the business has been pivotal to our development. The journey with Framework/Insula has been nothing short of professional in providing tailored changes to suit our business needs. Framework’s ability to adapt to industry changes has instilled confidence within our team in providing the best possible outcomes and the support team are always helpful. Framework is a perfect solution to the building industry and Urbanedge looks forward to a continued future relationship.”  


Villa World Group

“Insula have remained highly professional and totally supportive throughout the entire relationship to date. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with the team and I believe Framework to be an absolutely fabulous and extremely flexible product unlike most other products in the market place.”