...enabled us to provide a timely and accurate Point-of-Sale quote to our potential customers.
— Simonds Homes
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Know Your Product.

  • Arm the sales team with professional product price lists and variation price books.
  • Deliver product range details, brochures, and inclusions lists.
  • Provide Sales displayed options lists, upgrade/options lists, estate/developer requirements, promotions, and more.

Capture Leads, Make More Sales.

  • Keep it simple with a no-nonsense leads and prospects capture and management system for the Sales team.
  • Profile your potential customer and understand their situation, needs, and how you can assist them.
  • Use contact relationship management tools such as comments, alerts, and follow-up to nurture your sale.

Automate Your Paperwork.

  • Produce sales advice and other sales submission paperwork.
  • Capture and manage customer documents and files.
  • Electronically submit leads and paperwork to the office for fast sales approval.

To Quote or Not To Quote?

  • Meet and exceed prospect expectations by offering fast and accurate price guidance at the point-of-sale.
  • Quickly produce quotes, preliminary estimates, and variation requests to capture leads and set yourself apart from builders who'll "get back to you with a price".
  • A full revision history of all quotes easily provides for multiple customer options and upgrades.
  • Copy entire quote documents from other jobs to save time.
  • Go straight to contract, or accelerate your tender process with much of the work done before the sale even reaches a sales estimator.

Land Packaging & Reservations

  • Support the sale of land and house-and-land packages.
  • Manage land/package reservations and never sell the same block twice.
  • Centrally monitor leads and reservations against your land/package register.