The Construction Logistics module has greatly improved our efficiency and level of communication. Framework, backed by the excellent level of support from Insula Software, is a vital part of our business.
— Henley Properties Group

Paperless Mobility.

  • Completely replace your paper systems, including inspections, checklists, forms, and more.
  • Arm your supervisors with master plans, detail drawings, standards and tolerances, and all materials that will keep them building.
  • Complete checklists and inspections, captured as data that you can report and action.
  • Automate the filing and distribution of your job paperwork.

Call It Forward.

  • Manage construction and call forward programmes to match your builds.
  • Manage activities, timeframes, critical path predecessors, and more.
  • Unlimited templates and customisation available to support every type of construction.
  • Educate new supervisors on your building methods and processes.
  • Link to your estimating cost centres and purchase orders to pre-fill your call forward.
  • All staff in the business will have real time knowledge of exactly what is happening onsite.

Notifications Deserve A Response.

  • Automatically notify and call up your suppliers and trades by email and SMS, without a phone call.
  • Capture their response when accepting the call up, directly into the call forward.
  • Centrally monitor notifications across all supervisors to identify tardy suppliers.
  • Streamline your job scheduling through the industry’s best notification/response solution.

Automated Diary.

  • The call forward diary provides clarity to the process of scheduling many jobs.
  • Be reminded of what to schedule based on established lead times.
  • Know what is due to be scheduled, called, started, and completed.
  • No job will fall through the cracks, today, tomorrow, or at any time in the future.

Labour Allocation.

  • Supporting both supervisor-based and centralised labour allocation processes.
  • Manage trades, their allocated work, and when they’re next available.
  • Identify over-allocation, clashes, and anything that will result in a job lying idle.
  • Full trade desk support to visualise trades and their allocated work.
  • Predictive modelling based on trade rankings and real efficiency data.

Purchase Order & Supplier Invoice Approval.

  • Eliminate the tray of invoices that supervisors have to approve.
  • Send pre-approvals for completed purchase orders to accounts for when the supplier’s invoice arrives.
  • Streamline Accounts Payable’s processes and their communication with the Construction team, and your suppliers.

Group Scheduling.

  • Enjoy a helicopter view of construction progress across all of your jobs.
  • Zoom in and target sections of your build programme such as commencement or finishing schedules.
  • Perfect for estate stage and multi-job/tranche construction management.
  • Schedule multiple jobs with staggered starts or rolling suppliers/trades moving from job-to-job with ease

Supervisor Productivity & Efficiency.

  • Measure job progress your way, by KPI, by activity, by critical path, and more.
  • Charting provides clear indicators of whether you’re ahead or behind.
  • Progress is represented as an efficiency percentage, for jobs, supervisors, managers, divisions/teams, and the entire business.
  • Manage by exception and keep construction moving.

Late & Short.

  • Your call forward data provides invaluable insight into supplier and trade performance.
  • Record your delivery and completion issues where your suppliers are ‘short’.
  • Notifications and your call forward are the electronic paper-trail to know when your suppliers are consistently ‘late’.
  • Engage your supply chain to achieve better supply agreements, performance, and greater job efficiency.